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We sell, service and install custom saunas and portable sauna rooms.

Relax those muscles, improve circulation, and feel those aches and tension fade away. Our wide variety of saunas offer the perfect place to renew your skin and refresh your body and soul. From entry level portable sauna rooms, to deluxe custom saunas with lighting, bench options, and multiple wood choices and styles, we have a sauna for every taste and budget.

Our selection of saunas range from traditional, infrared, to far-infrared to fit each person's preference.

Thinking about a sauna? Stop by today to take a look at our sauna selection.

Here are a few of the benefits

  • Saunas improve cardiovascular performance
  • Saunas aid in recovery after exercise
  • Saunas flush toxins
  • Reduces incidences of Alzheimer’s by 65%
  • Saunas relieve stress
  • Saunas induce a deeper sleep
  • Saunas help fight illnesses
  • Saunas burn calories
  • Sauna cleanses skin
  • Provides private, personal area of relaxation and solitude
  • Saves money on gym and spa memberships
  • Just Feels Good!

Stop by our showroom today to see what sauna option is best for you and your wellbeing.